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Okay, this is totally gacked from theatrical_muse, but I actually think it's a really nifty idea. Simply because it keeps the muse alive, helps us all learn more about our characters and it'll encourage characters to mix and mingle with each other a little more than they already might be. And it'll get us all using our character journals a lot more, too. Most of them are gathering dust. :\ Plus, there is so little that we know about the canon characters on the show, it's great fun to expand on them! And as for the OCs, they are great fun to expand upon, too!

So. This is my (not very original) idea (all credit goes to theatrical_muse for the original idea).

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Note to watch_housedays... er, watchers: The way this is written is due to the fact that I am lazy and can't be arsed to type this out in explanatory form. So, what I've done is merely pasted what I wrote to the muns in ooc_house_days. This is just to explain what's happening, so that people know what the hell the prompts from hd_psych are when they appear.

Probably my laziness is going to cause some confusion. I hope not. :\

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Now that New Year's Eve is almost over, some obvious questions

--Why can't Phillip and Cade seem to end an evening on a happy note? How much more angst can these two put us through before they can be honest with each other, or will they both end up with broken hearts?
--Is Cade really going on a ride with House? How jealous is Phil going to be, and what about Wilson?
--Will Rachel ever get a life outside throwing herself at House? Or will Wilson have to put the serious smackdown?
--Speaking of House and Wilson, can they just be happy with each other for a while? How long is it going to take before somebody outs them?
--Are Adrian and Louise PPTH's new Odd Couple?
--What color will Julie paint the bathroom?
--Will Chase ever get over Phil? Will he, Reki and Foreman end up in bed together? Tune in tomorrow...